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Cancer Rehabilitation

It is a doctor-supervised program for cancer survivors who may have physical, cognitive and psychosocial needs as a result of the cancer or its treatment.

Cancer rehabilitation helps to improve function, reduce pain and help the patient return to the highest level of functioning possible so as to enhance his quality of life.

Screening & Assessment

The cancer survivor will undergo an initial screening and assessment of his medical, physical, cognitive, behavioral and psychosocial needs.

Following which, an individualized rehabilitation plan will be crafted out with goals set to deliver the best care available for maximizing function and reintegration back to society.

YOU & your family *Key Roles to the Success of this Program

Rehabilitation Medicine Physician

Primary Oncologist

Allied Health Professionals


Cancer survivors often experience problems affecting their function and daily living as a direct result of the cancer or its treatment. These problems may include:
1. Fatigue
2. Poor attention and memory
3. Anxiety and depression
4. Numbness of hands or legs
5. Decreased balance and dizziness
6. Joint pains and muscle aches
7. Weakness affecting walking and performing activities of daily living

Cancer rehabilitation aims to reduce the symptoms and maximise recovery through prescription of medicine, use of physical modalities, therapeutic exercises and mood management

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