Our core work here is to improve cancer treatment support and well-being, connecting people with similar experiences who can truly understand what one has gone through.

A true community that was private, ad-free, sharing data and experience to bring support to the next level.

We want to revolve the cancer support group into a more personal and relatable experience by grouping patients into the same subtype of cancer and treatment.

Incorporating activities that promotes mindfulness

We incorporate webinars and activities that promote mindfulness and aim to instil 'happy hormones' to boost overall mood and promote a healthy mind and body. We do agree a battle against cancer is arguably one of the hardest things anyone could face in their lifetime. We believe no one should fight cancer alone, and everyone deserves to fight for a second chance in life. And if you can overcome cancer, nothing should stand in your way of living your best life, least of all mental health issues.

Love Our Mother Earth - Plant Memorial Trees

Supporting One Million Trees Project with NPark & Tree Planting Works supported by our Cancer Heroes and Vickycares Team.

We aim to restore nature back to our city, keeping us healthy and happy. Visuals exposure to trees is known to reduce stress levels in our fast-paced world.

Second that, a memorial tree planting is a beautiful way for someone to create a place of remembrance for a loved one. You can bury a momento or artifact of your loved one at the tree's base to mark the end of one life; the beginning of a new one. Plant a tree for a lasting memory!

You may contact us to be one of our volunteers
or buy a tree via Vickycares for a memorial certification issue by NPark!

Plant a Tree

Leveraging Technology for Self-Reporting Quality of Life Survey and Monitoring

We monitor our patients remotely to determine how persons served in a variety of programs and settings experience day-to-day life and assess their well-being post-treatment they received.

The data can help us in many ways; optimizing surveillance in cancer survivors; identifying side effects patterns, and our pharmacy team can help to formulate post-treatment medications more effectively; improving our education/advice post-procedure/treatment, etc.

Free Patient Webinars

A cancer diagnosis brings with it not only the challenges of treatment, but also practical and emotional issues. Vickycares will bring non-medicalised resources in to assist patients and their caregivers with overcoming the challenges related to cancer.