The DAWN Programme

We formulated this very special programme just for you!
A scientifically effective programme suitable for busy executives!

DAWN hopes to bring you new beginnings as you discover what can make a real positive lifestyle difference.

Our experienced and committed care team will be there for you every step of the way. We emphasize in DAWN the science working for you to bring deep insights as we create a sustainable and practical plan that brings results!

Specially crafted this programme for

☑ Pre-Diabetic and Diabetics, and those who wants to lose weight
☑ Realize the change in 1 month

  • Defence

    Knowledge and tools to defend against diabetes

  • Activity

    Elevate your activity level and realised your full physical potential

  • Wellness

    To put your welllness at the centre of your life

  • Nourishment

    To understand the right type of nourishment for your body and mind

What To Expect

Integrated fully to wellness & health monitoring platform

☑ Clinical and lifestyle discovery homevisit

☑ Cotinuours Flucose Monitoring Sensors worth $196.00
☑ Virtual multidisciplinary team reviews

Devices on Loan

☑ Weighing Scale

☑ Lifestyle Tracker

  • Doctor

    Orchestrates your wellness and health plan

  • Nurse/Care Coordinator

    Assists in coordination and to journey with you

  • Fitness Trainer

    Helps you to build strength and endurance

  • Nutritionist

    Guides you in reshaping your eating habits