All in One Care Stop

Nursing homeservices perform by
❤ In-House Highly Skilled Oncology Nurses
❤ In-House Certified Wound & Stoma Specialist Nurses

Medical Review By
❤ In-House Doctors with Emergency Care and Palliative Care Background
❤ Acute Care Remote Consultations by Senior General Practitioners

In Collaborations with
❤ Top Recognised Specialist Doctors to complete your care

  • Blood Taking

    ■ Peripheral, Central Access Lines, Port-a-Cath with prescription of concentrated heparin.
    ■ Aseptic procedures performed by our certified specialist with annual competency check.
    ■ Close collaboration with hospital laboratories which results link up to government database.
    ■ GXM blood taking with outpatient blood transfusion facilities available.

  • Controlled Painkiller & Antibiotic Coverage

    ■ We have 3 Pharmaceutical Compounding Isolators for antibiotic pump dilution. Our pharm techs and nurses are equipped with aseptic validation certificate.
    ■ Drugs verification process by our in-house pharmacists with strict regulations.
    ■ Elastomeric Pump, Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) Pump, Infusion and Syringe Pump are readily available.

  • Home Radiology Procedures

    ■ Home Ultrasound: Our in-house specialized ultrasound technician can come to your home to conduct an ultrasound exam.
    ■Abdominal/Chest Tap Drainage: A radiologist can come to your home to perform an abdominal or chest tap drainage procedure to remove fluid.
    ■ Home PICC Line Insertion
    ■ The procedures are done by a experienced radiologist and requires appropriate sterile technique and ultrasound machine.

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