In Collaboration with iHelper

iHelper has a large pool of transfer helpers in Singapore seeking employment and ready for interviews. Each live-in caregiver underwent intensive training by Vickycares nurse specialist to take care of patients with various health conditions, including dementia, stroke, and cancer, and to perform basic nursing roles such as stoma changing, simple dressing, etc. These caregivers play the role of a personal health aide and companion, maintaining the patient's physical, emotional and social well-being. They can also help out with specific basic household chores, as long as it does not compromise their caregiving role.

Large Pool of Transfer Helpers

☑The helpers are experienced and knowledgeable about living and working in Singapore.

☑They have skills and experience in eldercare, domestic chores, infant care, child care, and pet care.

☑Their language skills are typically stronger than fresh helpers from source countries.

☑The helpers are available for face-to-face interviews and home visits to enhance matching success.

  • Trained by Specialist Nurses and GPs

  • Undergoes classroom and on the job training

  • Evaluated and certified for their skills

  • Receives free lifetime remote support

  • Receives a home visit by nurse-trainer

  • Customised Home-based training can be provided (Annual Reimbursement by AIC of $200)