A scientifically effective, personalised and holistic programme for
cancer survivors in terms of nutrition, exercise, quality of life and mind with care plan that help you to stay healthy after your cancer treatment.

  • Heart rate

    Constant monitoring of your active and resting heart rate

  • Weight

    Weight tracking measurements to help you meet your wellness goals

  • Steps

    Clock in those steps to hit optimal range guided by our health coaches

  • Sleep

    Adequate sleep monitoring, mindfulness & sleep hygiene advise to keep you well rested & revitalized

  • Exercise

    Physical activity has the most powerful effect of any lifestyle factor

  • Diet

    Daily food journaling to track trends with personalised advise from our nutritionist

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What to Expect

Integrated fully to wellness & health monitoring platform

☑ Health Coaching

☑ Diet Monitoring

☑ QOL & mindfulness

☑ Self-reporting survey

Devices on Loan

☑ BP Machine

☑ Weighing Scale

☑ Lifestyle Tracker

*Includes 1 Abbott Libre Sensor*

  • Doctor

    Orchestrates your wellness and health plan

  • Nurse/Care Coordinator

    Assists in coordination and to journey with you

  • Fitness Trainer

    Helps you to build strength and endurance

  • Nutritionist

    Guides you in reshaping your eating habits

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