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Ceradan Advanced Moisturing Skin Barrier Cream 150g

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Ceradan Advanced is an enhancement of the Ceradan Skin Barrier Repair cream. In addition to being made in the clinically proven effective 3:1:1 physiological lipids ratio, the cream is also enhanced with a sustainable pH lowering system. This keeps your skin's pH at optimal levels, allowing your skin barrier to repair and strengthen itself. At the same time, you may also experience reduced skin inflammation and itch, as well as decreased bacteria colonisation, which leads to a reduction in recurring eczema flare ups.


• Moisturises dry and sensitive skin.
• Helps lower skin pH and restore skin barrier function.
• Contains essential lipids in the optimal 3:1:1 ratio for optimal skin barrier repair.

Made in Singapore


Apply twice daily to all skin areas including the face. Use regularly to restore skin barrier function.