Is Getting Chronic Care Management Truly Advantageous?

Is Getting Chronic Care Management Truly Advantageous?

Chronic care management (CCM) is a healthcare delivery model that proactively coordinates and manages care for patients that have chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and asthma. . Essentially, CCM is designed to improve health outcomes and quality of life for patients with chronic conditions while also reducing the overall cost of care.

The care coordination provided by CCM is comprehensive and patient-centred, involving all care team members, including the patient themselves. In essence, the goal of CCM is to help patients better manage their chronic conditions and live healthier, more productive lives.

Some may wonder whether CCM is truly beneficial. Here are five of the most notable advantages of getting CCM:

1) Personalised Attention

CCM provides patients with personalised attention from a care team that is specifically tailored to their individual needs. This team works together to develop a care plan that is unique to the patient and their condition.

The curated care management plan for chronic conditions typically includes regular check-ins and updates to ensure that the patient receives the best care. It also takes into account the patient’s medical history, current health status, and lifestyle factors.

2) Trained Health Management Team

The health management team at CCM comprises health coaches, nurses, and dietitians who are specially trained to provide care for chronic conditions. This team works together to develop a care plan unique to the patient and their condition. 

The team provides support and guidance to help patients manage their chronic conditions and improve their overall health. They also work with the patient’s primary care physician to ensure that the care plan is coordinated and effective.

3) All-Around Access to Support

CCM provides patients with all-around access to support. This means that patients can receive support from different health management team members, as well as their primary care physician, at any time.

This access to support ensures that patients always have someone to turn to when they're in need of help managing the symptoms of their chronic condition. It also helps to improve communication between the patient and their care team.

4) Constant Monitoring of Health 

CCM provides patients with constant monitoring of their health. This means that a patient's health is monitored on a regular basis so that any development in their issues or changes in their condition can be detected early.

This constant monitoring helps reduce the number of unnecessary clinic visits, hospitalisations and emergency room visits. This can help to save patients money on their healthcare costs and conserve their energy.

5) Better Quality of Life and Time

CCM can help patients to improve their quality of life and have more time to enjoy their life. This is because they will spend less time visiting the doctor or hospital and will have more time to do the things they enjoy.

Aside from better time management, CCM can also help patients to better manage their chronic condition so that it has less of an impact on their life. This can lead to patients feeling better about themselves and their condition.


Chronic care management is an important part of ensuring that people with chronic health conditions receive the care they need. To sum things up, it can help improve one's health outcomes and quality of life while saving on healthcare costs in the long run.

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